Ever since I started making music, it has always been with the same idea: improving the old and creating something new. I do this in all the different aspects of my work; composing, conducting, playing trumpet and teaching. This leads to brilliant moments, new discoveries and new ways of bringing music. I hope that I can meet you on of these moments during one of my concerts.


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Because of the inspring lessons I got from Erik Waerts, Ad van Zon, Frits Damrow, Eric Vloeimans and Charlie Green, the trumpet has become my route through life. One of the most important lessons I learned through the years is that it’s so important to stay close to yourself; how you play ,what you play and where you play.


As a conductor you have major role in how an orchestra is functioning. Maybe you make the players grow past themselves or maybe you do the opposite… As a young trumpet player I’ve seen a lot of examples, both negative as positive. When you start the study of becoming a conductor yourself a new world opens for you, the orchestra becomes your instrument.

Composing / Arranging

If you have always been writing your own music it’s just a matter of time until you will ask your friends to play it, then your orchestras and eventually complete strangers order your music. The biggest challenge with arranging I find in making the impossible possible.


As a teacher one of the best qualities you can have is being able to move yourself in the shoes of the student. Your tips, advice and exercises should be easy to relate to for the student. Teaching this way will make sure things are easier understood and that they will stick. During a lesson you are building on something fun, which sometimes can get serious.

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